Premier Bilaspur

Premier Academy is a professional coaching institute for preparation of IIT JEE mains and advance, & NEET. Premier Academy has a legacy of producing students that has not only cleared IIT JEE Exam but has cleared IIT JEE with a good rank. We at Premier Academy know that IIT JEE is the most difficult exam at this age in India and thus requires a lot of effort from the students. Nothing can substitute the classroom teaching from experienced Premier Academy's faculty. The lessons from them make the most difficult topic the easiest one. It goes a long way in sharpening the skills and fine tuning of concepts. The classroom environment keeps the students focused and motivated. It is the most comfortable place where the students gain the most by learning through experts and clearing their doubts instantly. The faculty of Premier Academy are renowned experts, great motivator and a true friend who are ready to help the students as and when required. Great emphasis is laid on the concepts and fundamentals with a smooth and systematic transition to the advanced levels of teaching. The interaction between students and teachers is always encouraged so as to provide a very healthy environment for growth and learning. During the process of training the students for IIT-JEE/NEET, great emphasis is laid on the fundamentals so as to excel in the CBSE examination also.

To satisfy our students, we always go beyond our capacity. That's why our student are highly satisfied. We are extremely proud of our Core Faculty, who are products of IITs & other top institutes and have unmatched track record of mentoring IITJEE Toppers. Our teachers have a passion for teaching, understand student psychology and are experts in counselling & motivating students to excel in their endeavours. The course content is so self-sufficient, that a student can safely rely, solely on Premier Academy's study-material without consulting any other books or guides. With no unnecessary confusion about where to study from, our students feel more confident on the eve of examination than other aspirants. The Final Step Revision Course, use of multimedia modules in classrooms for easy comprehension are just some of the innovations Premier Academy has pioneered for IITJEE aspirants.